Laura B. Hooper

Apr 23, 2024

Laura B. Hooper
Laura B. Hooper

Welcome to the personal website of Laura B. Hooper. This space is dedicated to detailing her transformative journey from the vibrant world of lifestyle writing to the esteemed realm of academic writing. Each chapter of her life is highlighted by significant milestones, underscoring the depth of her passion for the written word and her evolution as a writer.

Laura's journey into the world of literature began in her childhood, surrounded by a myriad of books. It was during her time at Westfield High School, around 2005, that Laura first ventured into publishing, contributing significantly to the school's literary magazine. These formative years ignited her passion for storytelling and laid the groundwork for her future in writing.

Academic Pursuits

In pursuit of her passion, Laura enrolled at the University of Manchester in 2007, majoring in English with a focus on creative writing. Her time at the university, culminating in her graduation in 2011, was a period of immense growth and learning. Under the mentorship of seasoned academics, Laura honed her writing skills, exploring various styles and refining her voice.

After establishing herself in the lifestyle writing niche post-graduation, Laura felt a compelling draw towards academic writing, leading to a pivotal shift in her career in 2014. This transition was not merely a change in writing style but a fusion of her personal interests with her burgeoning professional aspirations, allowing her to delve deeper into scholarly research.

The official start of Laura's academic writing career was marked by her first publication in an academic journal in 2015. This era of her career was characterized by an exploration of complex topics that bridged theoretical concepts with practical insights, signaling her entry into the academic discourse.

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Contributions and Publications

Between 2016 and 2020, Laura made significant contributions to the field of academic writing, with a focus on human behavior, cultural studies, and the intersection of literature and society. Her work, featured in several respected academic journals, reflects her dedication to adding valuable insights to the academic community. She is also featured as a significant contributor at Do My Paper writing company where she writes essays and research papers.

Currently, Laura's academic interests are expanding, with ongoing research projects exploring new dimensions within the humanities. While her early days in lifestyle writing provided a solid foundation, her present work is more aligned with in-depth scholarly research and contributions.